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Is the TurboSwing suitable for all brands of outboard motors?

Yes, TurboSwing is suitable for all outboard motors from 30HP. The receivers fit on the motor bracket. The determining factor is the center-to-center distance of the bolts.

What is the maximum power that can be handled by the TurboSwing?

The TurboSwing can be used with motors up to 350HP.

How do I select the correct TurboSwing?

Which TurboSwing bar you need depends on the engine brand, type of mount required, horsepower, and number of engines. To see which TurboSwing model fits your specific motor, please use our Online Configurator or speak to a TurboSwing specialist by calling...

What material is the TurboSwing made of?

All parts are made of marine grade 316 stainless steel, with the exception of the plastic pulleys in the Ezpulley™ and the friction discs for the holders.

Can multiple skiers/boards be towed by the TurboSwing?

Yes, this is possible with a separate pulley for each person so that they can ski and/or board independently.

Are there also TurboSwings models for twin motors?

Yes, for all brands up to 350HP - they are called TurboSwing-Twins.

Is there a TurboSwing warranty?

Yes, the turboswing warranty covers parts and workmanship for 5 years.

Does the TurboSwing come with a pulley?

Yes, the turboswing will come with one pulley. Additional pulley's can be purchased if you wish to pull multiple tubes.

Does the TurboSwing work with a Kicker Motor?

In most cases the TurboSwing can be mounted on a boat with a kicker motor. However, the bar cannot be used while using the kicker motor as they will interfere.

Do you offer any promo codes or any free offers?

To be the first to know about any promotions, freebies, or other TurboSwing news - sign up for our newsletter using the signup form at the bottom of the page.

When will my order ship?

Typically most orders placed before 1 pm EST will be shipped the same day.

How long will it take to receive my order?

We ship from Knoxville, TN. Orders for in stock items typically ship the same day and are delivered within 2-5 days within the continental USA. Please allow a few extra days for the delivery of international orders.

I am missing items from my order?

Please give us a calll at 1-855-228-8726.

I ordered tubes and did not receive them with my shipment?

Our tubes are shipped from WOW directly, please call us to obtain an additional tracking number. Your tube should arrive 1-2 days after your TurboSwing.

What is the towing capacity of the TurboSwing XXL

We recommend the towing capacity to be 600 lbs dry weight.

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