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Care & Maintenance

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What maintenance is required on the TurboSwing?

Maintenance is minimal. Corrosive substances, such as salt, chlorides and iron oxide, are found in the water. Clean off any deposits using a plastic brush (do not use a metal scouring pad), boat soap and water. For stubborn dirt and lime scale, use a...

Does the TurboSwing's stainless steel construction influence my aluminium motor or boat (dissimilar metals)?

Your boat's outboard motor also contains stainless steel parts and is therefore equipped with anodes for cathodic protection. Ensure that the anodes are always in good condition to avoid galvanic corrosion. The installation of the TurboSwing can lead...

Does the TurboSwing work with Power Poles?

In most cases the TurboSwing will work with Power Poles. In some cases the bar will have to be removed to deploy your Power Poles. If you have a Talon shallow water anchor, the TurboSwing will work without any interference.

Can I buy replacement parts?

Yes. Click here to find the replacement parts you need.

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