Inflatable water tubes from World of Watersports and TurboSwing get along swimmingly. Make a splash with single or multiple rider towable tubes!

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  1. WOW Big Thriller Tube

  2. WOW Thriller Tube

  3. WOW Big Shark 2P Towable Tube

  4. WOW Howler 2P Towable Tube

  5. WOW Born To Ride 2 Person Towable Soft Top Deck Tube

  6. WOW Speedzilla 1-2 Person Towable Tube

    Special Price $96.25 Regular Price $159.99
  7. WOW Steerable Towable Tube

    Special Price $109.89 Regular Price $199.99
  8. WOW Summertime 3P Towable Tube

    Special Price $158.01 Regular Price $269.99
  9. WOW Big Ducky Towable Tube

  10. WOW Wild Wing 2P Towable Tube

  11. WOW UTO Galaxy Towable Tube

  12. WOW Giant Thriller Towable Tube


Items 1-12 of 52

per page
Set Descending Direction

What are the different towable tube styles used for?

If you’re not sure which towable tube is right for you, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with options but selecting a towable tube isn’t as difficult as it might seem. No matter which style you choose, all towable tubes are designed to be pulled behind a boat from a secure tow point (like a TurboSwing.) The most common tube styles are open-top and deck tubes, which allow riders to lay on their stomach. Alternatively, chariot-style tubes create a seat and allow riders to sit upright with a back support. For an even more exciting experience, you might instead choose a rocker-style tube which gives the rider the ability to steer the tube as it’s pulled through the water.

How many riders can each towable tube accommodate?

The number of riders a tube can accommodate depends entirely on the tube’s size and weight rating. At TurboSwing, we offer tubes that can hold as few as a single rider up to larger tubes that can hold up to 5 riders at a time. When selecting a towable tube you’ll want to be sure to think about how many riders you intend to have on board, how many should be able to ride together, and how much space you’ll have available on your boat’s deck for storage. Keep in mind that with a second EZ Pulley™ you can pull multiple tubes from your TurboSwing for even more fun on the water.

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