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TurboSwing Installation

Transform your outboard in 3 easy steps.
Estimated TimeApprox. 1 Hour
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To view the complete TurboSwing instructions, please click the PDF link below or watch our installation video found at the bottom of this page.

TurboSwing Installation Instructions

Step 1 - Install the TurboSwing Bracket

Begin the installation of your new TurboSwing Tow Bar by locating the existing bolt on your outboard engine. Remove the factory nut and washer from top motor bracket bolt. Drill one additional hole directly through the existing motor bracket - making sure there is space and access inside the transom.

Add sealant (non PVC, non-silicon) into the newly drilled hole and manually insert the M12x120 bolt with fender washer. Put the correct side TurboSwing bracket (labeled "L" or "R") over the two bolts and tighten both nuts & washers to your engine manufacturer's recommended torque.

turboswing installation step 1a
turboswing installation step 1b

Step 2 - Assemble the Tube Holder


When assembling the TurboSwing Tube Holder, make sure that the "teeth" on the locking nut are properly aligned with the "grooves" on the Tube Holder & it is firmly tightened.

turboswing installation step 2a

Using a M12x50 bolt, secure the Tube Holder onto the TurboSwing bracket and tighten using a locking nut. Be sure not to over tighten the bolt as the Tube Holder will need to pivot when the motor is trimmed.

turboswing installation step 2b

Step 3 - Insert the TurboSwing Tow Bar

Complete your TurboSwing installation by inserting the Tow Bar into the newly installed Tube Holders on each side of your outboard motor. Carefully trim your motor side-to-side, ensuring that the included EZ Pulley does not come in contact with the motor at any point.

turboswing installation step 3a
turboswing installation step 3b

Complete TurboSwing instructions can be downloaded via the following link:

TurboSwing Installation Instructions
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