About TurboSwing

TurboSwing® conquers the world!

TurboSwing® is a young innovative water sports company that manufactures the TurboSwing® and TowRescue® tow bars. We focus on both the leisure market for water skiing, wakeboarding and fun tubing and the professional market for rescuing and towing boats and other floating objects. Our unique and patented towing systems for outboard powered boats are being distributed in already 61 countries worldwide. And still, we are welcoming new dealers and distributors every week.

The TurboSwing® gives you the ultimate water skiing, wakeboarding, fun tubing and snorkelling sensation. The semi-circular stainless steel tow bar can be attached to the motor bracket using two holders and bracket bolts without dismounting the motor. Pull and thrust forces converge in the outboard swivel bracket, the boat rotation point – delivering a true balance of power, superb boat handling and comfortable ride. The tow rope is attached to the EZpulley™ that runs smoothly around the motor coil. Where other systems are mounted in or to the boat, TurboSwing® is mounted behind the boat. Due to TurboSwing® you will save space and prevent installation damage.

Safety & Protection

The TurboSwing® increases safety for the persons in the water. In case of emergency, you can use the ski/tow bar to push away from the motor. The TurboSwing® can also assist in rescue of drowning victims. In addition, the TurboSwing protects the valuable outboard. In short, the TurboSwing® turns every outboard powered boat into a safe ski or wakeboard boat and guarantees ultimate fun on the water!