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What is the maximum that the TurboSwing can tow?

The TurboSwing has a tow rating of 600 pounds dry weight. We have already factored in the drag when considering this.

To install the TurboSwing, must I make holes in my boat or reinforce the hull?

No. The transom is the strongest structure of the boat; This is where not only the motor but also the TurboSwing will be mounted. The TurboSwing holders fit exactly on the motor bracket and will be, together with the motor, mounted on the transom using...

Does the TurboSwing come with a pulley?

Yes, the turboswing will come with one pulley. Additional pulley's can be purchased if you wish to pull multiple tubes.

How long does it take to install a TurboSwing?

Installation takes roughly an hour, depending on your skill level. It is very easy and most people will be able to do it on their own.

What if I don't have access to the existing bolts?

The TurboSwing comes with two extra motor bracket bolts that can be used to mount the TurboSwing directly to the transom if it is not possible to use the motor bracket or if you do not wish to mount it using the motor bracket.

Does the TurboSwing work with Power Poles?

In most cases the TurboSwing will work with Power Poles. In some cases the bar will have to be removed to deploy your Power Poles. If you have a Talon shallow water anchor, the TurboSwing will work without any interference.

Do you have dealers near me?

You can search for dealers near you on our Local Suppoort page.

What if I don't want to drill holes in my transom?

You can use an application that OEMs are using by using a roll pin for the second bolts. Please find out more information by giving us a call.

I have a 200hp Yamaha Vmax with a 10" Jackplate. Will it work with the jackplate?

We have had success when installing a TurboSwing with power poles and jack plates before. When installing with a jack plate it actually makes it easier to install. You won't have to drill through your transom but drill through the jack plate instead, ...

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