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TurboSwing is the Ultimate Towing Solution

TurboSwing is the Ultimate Towing Solution
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Top Benefits of Choosing TurboSwing Over a Ski Pylon

In order to tow tubers, wakeboarders, or water skiers, the right equipment is imperative. Ski pylons are a popular way to tow water sports lovers, but they can create a host of problems that are easily avoided with TurboSwing®. Consider these key features when seeking a tow solution.

TurboSwing® Mounts to the Transom

TurboSwing™ mounts to the boat’s transom, which is the strongest point of the boat. Using the transom as a mounting point increases vessel stability, maneuverability, and towing power, while putting minimum stress on the boat. Ski Pylons can lead to stress cracks in the boat’s fiberglass and cause unwanted wear and tear. Ski Pylons are also known for bogging down the boat, which means subpar performance and poor gas mileage. TurboSwing® will not harm your boat and provides a protective barrier around the boat’s motor.

Mounting your tow system on the transom frees up space within the vessel. TurboSwing® will elevate the tow rope above the wake without encroaching on limited deck space. Ski Pylons require space on deck, which is not an option for every boat. TurboSwing® is a universal towing system with a variety of sizes designed to fit around virtually any outboard motor.

turboswing and pulley on outboard motor

Tube-Rated™ and Centered Pulls

An ideal towing solution will provide solid pulls and rotate as the boat moves. TurboSwing has a EZ Pulley™ system that executes smooth, consistent pulls. This pulley system swivels as the boat turns, so you are always pulling riders from the center turning point for maximum maneuverability. Ski Pylons have a fixed tow point that does not move, resulting in poor gas mileage and added stress on the boat. TurboSwing® pulley system is ideal for any water sport, and is the only tube-rated™ tow bar on the market. Multiple water tubes can be safely pulled from any TurboSwing™. Most ski pylons are not rated for towable tubes, and can lead to dire consequences, like damaging your boat, when used improperly.

turboswing pulling wakeboarder

Fast and Easy Installation

A key TurboSwing® feature is its fast and easy installation. TurboSwing® works with the boats existing motor bracket, so it can be installed in a matter of minutes. Ski pylons usually require grueling installs. The support poles on the ski pylon need to be installed from under the floor which is a cumbersome project. Not only is the install for TurboSwing® fast and easy, the quick release clips detaches the TurboSwing™ from the motor bracket in seconds.

Tow bars are extremely popular for water sports enthusiasts, since they provide solid pulls for a fun day on the water. TurboSwing™ works for nearly any outboard. Find the right one for you with our Online Configurator!

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