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Ski Pylon VS TurboSwing

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Ski Pylon VS TurboSwing

Old School to Innovative: Comparing Ski Pylons to TurboSwing

Anyone who has ever been remotely interested in getting their family involved in boating understands that watersports are king, and to enjoy tow sports, your boat has always needed to have a ski pylon. Between wakeboarding, wakesurfing, water skiing, kneeboarding, tubing and so much more, there’s no better way to convince your youngsters to get away from their screens and instead climb onboard the boat – so a ski pylon might be considered imperative equipment.

Depending on what style boat you own, adapting it to watersports can either be relatively easy or a pain. If you own a boat with an inboard engine, jet drive, or forward-facing sterndrive, you’re probably in good shape as most are designed to accommodate watersports. On the other hand, if you own an outboard-powered boat, you’ll need to get creative. Let’s discuss your options, starting with the big question on everyone’s mind: should you get a ski pylon, or consider the alternative: a TurboSwing?

Tube-Rated™ For Safe Towing of Tubes

Ski pylons have always been a popular solution for many watersports junkies, but they don’t come without their own issues. One that most people never even realize is that pylons aren’t tube-rated, and commonly carry a manufacturer warning stating that it’s not safe to tow tubes. When you’re pulling a rider on a tube, the last thing on your mind should be the possibility of a ski pylon causing harm your boat. Because ski pylons are typically fitted onto the boat forward of the transom, owners will quickly discover that they also get in the way. Not only that, but they limit your visibility and many need constant adjustments.

Ski pylons can also cause unexpected wear and tear on your boat, including potential cracks in your fiberglass.

TurboSwing has been designed to avoid these problems and enhance the towing experience — both for riders and drivers. Tube-Rated, TurboSwing can accommodate multiple riders and multiple tubes. Tow ropes clip on fast and easy, and there’s no obstruction of vision for the driver and the spotter. With TurboSwing, you’ll also no longer have that pylon getting in the way. Instead, your main focus can remain on providing the best tubing experience for your friends and family.

Easy Transom Mounting for Added Benefits

With an increase in visibility and no loss of interior space, you may be wondering how and where TurboSwing mounts onto your boat. Owners will be pleased to learn that it fits compactly on the transom around your boat’s outboard engine, using the motor mount bolts, which helps to free up valuable real estate when it comes to deck-space. You might also be asking, “Will it work on my runabout? How about my center console? Cuddy cabin? Pontoon boat?” Yes, yes, yes and yes again. TurboSwing’s patented design provides solutions for all these types of boats and more.

Another advantage of the mounting placement is that it allows the tow rope to be elevated above the wake — giving wakeboarders, skiers, and surfers a much smoother ride. You’ll also notice an increase in vessel stability, maneuverability, and towing power, all of which contribute to better gas mileage and more money in your pocket. Oh, and remember how that ski pylon can lead to damaged fiberglass? The TurboSwing puts minimum stress on your boat.

Fast Installation

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One concern that arises over the use of ski pylons, wakeboarding towers, and other add-on towing points is centered around installation and flexibility. It’s no surprise that ski pylons are often much cheaper than towers, but installing them is not at all inexpensive. On many boats it will require cutting holes in the fiberglass, reinforcing it to (hopefully!) be able to take the stress, and installing some sort of receiver mount. Towers obviously cost significantly more, and the price and difficulty of installing a tower can be just deterring as buying the tower in the first place. If your boat needs to have a pylon or tower installed, having a certified professional install it is probably the safest and most effective method — but it won’t be cheap. Plus, once a pylon or tower is installed you’re pretty much stuck with it. Not to mention that you’ll need to consider a collapsible tower, if you plan on storing your boat in your garage or under a roof of some type that has low clearance.

Installing a TurboSwing is simple thanks to our patented mounting system and easy-to-follow installation manuals.

Yet again, TurboSwing has the answer to all these concerns. Installation is a DIY breeze thanks to the way its design utilizes the existing outboard motor mount. And once the TurboSwing base plates and tube holders are in place, its fast and easy removal is powered by quick release clips that allow you to detach the unit from your motor just as easily as you mounted it. That way you can skip the grueling installation process necessary for towers and pylons, quickly and easily remove the TurboSwing when you want to, and spend more time out on the water doing what you love to do.

EZ Pulley™ System for Multiple Tubers

While the use of a ski pylon or tower leads to an enhanced watersports experience as compared to using stern eyes, riders will discover a particular difference on a boat with a TurboSwing. With a tower or a pylon, pulling multiple riders at the same time may not be an option. This is not the case with TurboSwing. Its EZ Pulley™ System allows for multiple tubes or riders to be pulled simultaneously, all the while still maintaining a safe and smooth ride. For large families and groups of friends, this is a huge plus. Watersports become an even more social activity — and honestly, you’re able to double and triple the fun.

pulley system turboswing

Is anything more important than making lifelong memories with your family? Why wait another second to get your family involved in boating? Don’t let your equipment become your excuse. Instead of holding you back, it should be innovative enough to propel your forward, and outfitting your boat with a TurboSwing can help you do just that. Start your traditions now and before you know it, your kids’ kids will be holding on tight as their tube skips across the wake — and they’ll always remember how you opened them up to the world of watersports.

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