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Air Pumps for Towable Water Tubes

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Air Pumps for Towable Water Tubes

How-to Properly Inflate Tubes

Keep your tube from falling flat with our tube air pumps. Tubes require more air pressure than the human lung can accomplish, but our air pumps get the job done right. Under inflated tubes will not only sink in the water, the added stress can cause your tube to rip while over stretching the tow rope. Properly inflated tubes float on top of the water and produce minimum stress on boats, ropes, and tubes. Our air pumps ensure your tube is inflated for peak performance and minimum wear-and-tear.

You will know your tube is inflated properly when there are no visible wrinkles. Another way to test if a tube is fully inflated is by having an adult stand on it while in the water. The tube should not sink more than one inch. Whether you use the double action hand pump or max air pump, both will keep your tube free of wrinkles for a fun day on the water!

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Max Air Pump

Quickly inflate or deflate your inflatables with the Max Air Pump. Designed to inflate all tube sizes, islands, airbeds, and boats, this Air Pump will make sure your inflatables are wrinkle free and ready to tow. Comes with five universal adapters, so you will get your mileage out of this air pump.

Double Action Air Pump

Keep this pump in your boat for on-the-go maintenance or use for small inflatables and airbeds! The Double Action Air Pump’s portability makes this the most convenient pump on the market. Use with a 12V pump to top of your larger inflatables so they are nice and firm. This pump works by providing a continuous stream of air on the up and down stroke for faster inflation. It is made from lightweight, non-corrosive plastic and comes with 4 inflation adapters for just about any valve you will come across.

Keeping your tube properly inflated will get you the most out of your towables. Tubes that are firm will stay on top of the water and will put minimum stress on the tube and your boat.

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