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Top Family Boating Activities for Everyone to Enjoy

Top Family Boating Activities for Everyone to Enjoy
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The sun is bright, the music is playing, the days are longer, and the family is around. You know what that means…it is time for days spent on the water! With summer right around the corner, we have made a list of all of the fun activities that you can enjoy with your family.


three adults being pulled behind a boat on inflatable water tubes

Where to even begin? All of the water activities are a blast. These are in no particular order of how awesome each one is, just in general. First, there is tubing. Tubing is fun for everyone. There are a range of tubes available in different styles and sizes, allowing anywhere from 1-6 riders at a time. Tubing can be for a wider range of ages than the other water sports, so more can enjoy. For tubing, you will want to make sure you have all the correct equipment such as ropes and safety items. TurboSwing offers a variety of resources for you to research out how to properly and safely pull your tube or tubes. Not only that, but it is also the only towing product on the market that is rated to pull tubes - and you can tow multiple riders at once!

Diving Board for Boats

guy doing a flip off of a boat diving board

Another fun activity to do out on the water with everyone is to just park your boat and swim. While all you really need are some life vests and floats, you can even add a diving board onto your pontoon (and some other boat types too). Boat diving boards make your lake days more fun and even can provide a good exercise for you. Some boats also have slides installed onto them for family lake days. Adding both a slide and a diving board would make your boat the life of the party when out on the water.

Do you want to know how to make your vessel the most fun boat on the water? Aside from slides and diving boards, there are also multiple other accessories you can add to increase your fun on the water!

Types of Boarding

man doing a flip while wakeboarding behind a boat

If you are looking for some slightly more exhilarating activities to do on the water, you could try water skiing or boarding of some sort. While those out on the water at the same time is limited, members watching from the boat or close by can still be part of the fun as everyone takes turns. The same can all be said for knee or wakeboarding – wake surfing or hydrofoiling included as well.

If you or anyone else in your family are new to any of the boarding sports, do not let that discourage you from trying them out. We have created a few guides to be helpful from what equipment to purchase, how to get started and other tips and tricks. As always, safety first, check out our guide on finding the right life jacket for yourself and family.

Leisure Activities

two men fishing on a boat

Lastly, if you want to just enjoy spending some quality time out on your boat, there is nothing wrong with going for a cruise. You and your family can hop on your boat and just ride around and enjoy the time together and outside. Boat rides by themselves are fun – maybe even add a stop at a restaurant on the water to your trip.

Another fun activity for the whole family to take part in is good ol fashioned fishing. This can be relaxing and fun, all at the same time. Multiple people or just a few can take part in this sport - even the kiddos. (Note that we do not recommend swimming around where there is fishing because of the hooks and also, excessive movement in the water can scare away the fish.)

Did you know that some fishing boats can also be used to tow some watersports?

No matter what you do out on the water, make sure to stay safe and most importantly, have fun. We cannot wait to be out on the water with all of you and your families. Here is to a fun-filled boating season.

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