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Proper Postion for TurboSwing

Proper Postion for TurboSwing
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How-to Set Proper TurboSwing® Height

Get the most out of your TurboSwing® by ensuring the tow bar is as high as possible. TurboSwing® performs best in the highest up position since it will keep the tow rope up out of the water. A tow rope that is in the boat’s wake will cause extra tension and drag on the boat, resulting in a jarring ride. The EZ Pulley™ cutting through the water will also not slide properly around the TurboSwing® The proper TurboSwing® height is dependent on your motor, so follow these steps to make sure your tow bar is in the highest position.

Setting Proper Height

The key to a properly positioned TurboSwing® is through the grooved locking nut. Being confident that your TurboSwing® is as high as possible takes a bit of trial and error. Start with the grooved locking nut in the highest position.

After you install the TurboSwing® in the highest position, make sure the EZ Pulley™ does not hit the tow bar at all. Test this by trimming the motor from left to right. If there is complete clearance, then you can keep the locking nut in the highest postion. Any interference between the EZ Pulley™ and the motor means the grooved locking nut needs to be readjusted. The TurboSwing® too close to the motor can cause the EZ Pulley™ to hit against the motor’s cowling when the boat slows down. Continue to adjust the grooved locking nut until this clearance is accomplished and always make sure the teeth on the grooved locking nut are lined up perfectly. Unaligned teeth will grind, causing your TurboSwing® to drop and not function properly.

turboswing bracket standard mounting position

Reverse Mounting

Note: This installation practice is for the standard mount. All reversed mount installations will be done the opposite of the aforementioned steps. The locking nut will need to be in the lowest possible position to get the tow bar at the optimum height. The teeth must be lined up and the EZ Pulley™ cannot hit the motor in any way.

turboswing bracket reverse mounting position

Don't have a TurboSwing for your boat? No problem! Use the configurator below to find the right tow bar to fit your boat's needs.

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