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Will TurboSwing Work with Other Pontoon Boat Accessories?

Will TurboSwing Work with Other Pontoon Boat Accessories?
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Make Sure TurboSwing Will Work With Your Swim Ladder, Power Pole, or Kicker Motor

TurboSwing® is a universal ski tow bar designed to fit a wide-variety of outboard motors. It is easy to match a TurboSwing® to a motor, but extra planning may be required when there are boat accessories already installed around the outboard. Some common accessories you may have installed on your boat that could interfere with a proper TurboSwing installation include:

turboswing on outboard motor
Swim Ladders: Designed to provide ease in boarding your boat from the water or a dinghy, swim ladders are often installed on pontoon boats.

turboswing tow bar installed on a boat with power poles
Power Poles: These extendable poles, typically mounted on either side of an outboard motor, are used in place of a traditional anchor to quickly steady the boat in shallow waters.

turboswing tow bar installed beside a kicker motor on a boat
Kicker Motors: Also referred to as “spare outboards,” kicker motors are designed to serve a variety of purposes, from acting as a backup in the event that your outboard motor fails to reducing strain on your primary engine. These additional motors are installed to one side or the other of the boat’s outboard motor.

Boats with swim ladders, power poles, or kicker motors can live in harmony with TurboSwing® but you’ll want to confirm that your setup will accommodate all your accessories by following a few simple steps:

Match TurboSwing® to Your Motor

Making sure TurboSwing® will not be obstructed by any boat accessories starts with picking the right size. Use our Online Configurator and use the drop down to select the number of engines, manufacturer, and horsepower. Entering this information will pull up the right TurboSwing® for your motor but you’ll need to take it one step further. Once you have identified the right size tow bar, grab a tape measure to take some measurements to ensure the tow bar will not be obstructed by your existing accessories.

Taking Measurements

Boat accessories are not always installed the same way and do not always have a universal size. This truth means you will have to measure your own boat and accessories to make sure the TurboSwing® will have room to be installed properly.

turboswing sizing chart

Find your TurboSwing model in the chart above and make note of the dimensions shown below the drawing. Using a tape measure, locate the center of your motor and measure the distance outwards on each side. Since the TurboSwing tow bar is centrally mounted, ensure there is ample clearance between the outer width of the TurboSwing and any accessories that you have installed.

To be sure you have adequate clearance, fully trim your motor from side to side. If you come into contact with either your motor or installed accessories inside of the measurements, you may need to adjust your TurboSwing installation. TurboSwing is not liable for any damages caused by improper installation. Please reach out to us with any questions and our customer service team will happily assist.

Not sure which TurboSwing® is right for you?

To ensure you get a proper fit that accommodates your swim ladder or any other boat accessories, use our Configurator below to enter your boat's information and find the tow bar we'd recommend for you.

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