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TurboSwing PSA: Only Pull Tubes with a Tube-Rated Tow Bar

TurboSwing PSA: Only Pull Tubes with a Tube-Rated Tow Bar
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Safely Pull Tubes with TurboSwing®

Tube-rated™ is an important classification to look for if you are interested in pulling tubes. Wakeboard towers and ski pylons are not able to pull tubes without harming riders or damaging boats. TurboSwing® is the sister company of the world's largest wakeboard tower manufacturers: XTP and Monster Tower. Both companies always put a warning sticker on their towers, stating that it is not safe for pulling tubes. In fact, every single wakeboard tower company puts this warning sticker on their towers, so XTP and Monster Tower put their heads together to create the only Tube-Rated™ tow bar on the market: TurboSwing®!

We spend a lot of time on the water, so we see too many boaters pulling tubes from their wakeboard towers and ski pylons. As much as we want to caution fellow boaters about the dangers of pulling tubes from towers and pylons, we left our megaphone at home obviously cannot police the waters. However, we can help educate boaters with this TurboSwing® PSA!

Spider Cracks in Fiber Glass

Wakeboard towers and ski pylons mount into the boat's fiberglass, which is not strong enough to withstand the weight of tubers. Pulling tubes will interrupt the structural integrity of the fiberglass, causing spider cracks, that quickly lead to bigger problems.

spider cracks in fiberglass
wakeboard tower causes spider cracking

Tower Can Collapse

Pulling tubes from a wakeboard tower will not only harm your boat, but it puts passengers in harm’s way. The weight of the tube can cause a hole at the mounting point, which will lead to the tower crashing down. Passengers can be seriously injured by a rogue wakeboard tower.

collapsed wakeboard tower
boat damaged in tower collapse

Made of corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel, the TurboSwing® is built tough and mounts to the transom, which is the boat's strongest point. TurboSwing® is a safe and fun way to pull tubes, without putting your boat or passengers in jeopardy.

Find the TurboSwing tow bar that's right for your boat with our Configurator:

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