Make Sure TurboSwing Will Work With Your Swim Ladder, Power Pole, or Kicker Motor

TurboSwing® is a universal ski tow bar designed to fit a wide-variety of outboard motors. It is easy to match a TurboSwing® to a motor, but extra planning may be required when there are accessories around the outboard. Boats with swim ladders, power poles, or kick motors can live in harmony with TurboSwing® if you follow these steps.

  • Match TurboSwing® to Your Motor

    Making sure TurboSwing® will not be obstructed by any boat accessories starts with picking the right size. Use our Online Configurator and use the drop down to select the number of motors, make, model, and intended use. Entering this information will pull up the right TurboSwing® for you. Once you have identified the right size, grab a tape measure to take some measurements.

  • Taking Measurements

    Boat accessories are not always installed the same way or have a universal size. This truth means you will have to measure your own boat and accessories to make sure the TurboSwing® will have room to be installed properly. Find your size TurboSwing® in the chart above and grab a tape measure. Take the XL for example. You will want to find the center of your motor and make sure there is a 21 5/8” clearance on the left and right. If there is, you are good to go. If the TurboSwing® bumps anything, you will need to make sure your TurboSwing® is installed higher.

How-to Install TurboSwing® Higher